the annex is the art collective of architecture w
"something like a shadow" . . . . .

 . . . .  often generated out of a dialogue with clients, or created in conjunction with architectural explorations,  all of the works live in a symbiotic relationship with the nature of architecture. They are explorations drawn on primitive architectural themes including vista, frame, shade and shadow, and materiality yet reference the human body and evoke the senses. The pieces are hunches or suspicions of ideas. They describe possibilities not reality.  " In this light, they live in the world of shadows. They are abstractions of what I don’t know or cannot completely see.            Things I have sensed but not realized."

Brian White is an architect and artist. He grew up in West Virginia and the  memories of his childhood landscape along with his formal education at Washington University, and in Europe, and South America combine to create a distinct perspective.  His imagery draws on primitive architectural themes including horizon, light, frame, vista, shade and shadow. His explorations - –built space, sculptures, paintings and photography – - reference impressionism. His works are often created in conjunction with ongoing architectural explorations  regarding space, light and landscape. His work is focused on simple shapes and abstract uses of color, light and atmospheric affects, as well as his recollection of natural terrains and his interest in compelling local architectural traditions. The works are a fusion of art and architecture, of representation and reality.                       
The result is strangely familiar, and new.
Brian has a Masters of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Tennessee.  He has studied and traveled extensively through Europe, South America and Asia.
He has two kids and a beautiful wife and plays ultimate Frisbee.    
He is also a partner at  architecture w